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About Sonic Solutions

Sonic Solutions was founded in 1995 by flexographic printers "Label Tek." Still in existence today, the company was experiencing the same problems that others were at the time—their anilox rolls were clogging with dried-on, built-up inks and resins.

They were scrubbing their rolls by hand, but the rolls were just not performing to the expected standards. After two weeks of normal use, they found that over 25 percent of the rolls' cell volume was lost. Their rolls were quickly becoming ineffective and wasteful.

At first, Label Tek thought that the rolls were breaking down and becoming worn out, so they started to replace them after six months of use. This drove them to investigate different ways of cleaning their rolls that were both time and cost effective, which led them to create the first company to have a cleaning system that cleaned rolls on top of the tanks and not fully submerge them. Many other major cleaning companies in the industry said that this system would never work, but they were quickly proven wrong by the patented product Sonic Solutions created that eventually became an industry standard.

Sonic Solutions Cleaning Systems are now found throughout the world. Proof that our product is successful at cleaning and restoring cell volume is that Label Tek has yet to replace a roll that is "worn out" or  damaged by Ultrasonics. 

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