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Cleaning System Questions

How does Sonic Solutions differ from other companies in the ultrasonic anilox roll cleaning industry?

  • Safer level of ultrasonics - at 68 kHz to allow smaller bubbles to get into the smaller cells of the higher line count rolls
  • Modified Power Generators - Now external, interchangeable and easily replaceable.
  • Safer heating systems - Increased reliability with fixed thermostat settings and low level automatic shut off
  • Longer-lasting equipment - Enhanced with replaceable ultrasonic transducers as well as timing pulleys with bearings.
  • Standard size equipment configuration - to coincide with our past systems
  • Fully customizable sizes - to coincide with larger sleeves and anilox rolls. No anilox is too large for Sonic Solutions - from 3 inches to 10 feet - from 1 roll to 8 rolls at a time- we can economically make a system to fit your needs.

How often should I clean my rolls?
Cleaning programs will vary from printer to printer. Some printers who are very conscious of a high level of print quality will clean their rolls after each label run. The most important thing to keep in mind is that when the quality of the labels is sacrificed, then it's already too late, and the rolls should have been cleaned already. Try to figure out the happy medium and shoot for that frequency target.

What type of routine maintenance should I perform on the systems?
Routine maintenance and care of the system is the biggest culprit to the happy use of a system. When the Sonic Kleen spills on the sides of the tank and the turning mechanism, care should be taken immediately to thoroughly clean any contact with the system. Otherwise, an occasional oiling of the  pulleys on the turning system is always helpful. As needed, the turning belts may require replacement. 

What else can I clean with my system?
With additional accessories (predominately a Soaking Basket) many of Sonic Solutions' customers use the cleaning system to clean various press parts. Several even go to the extent of cleaning their solvent washed polymer process plates. This is a quick way to clean these plates.

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