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Sonic Kleen

When you want to know if a product is good or not, sometimes you look at its longevity. Here at Sonic Solutions, we use our own cleaning solution that we developed for Day 1 of opening our doors for business. And, amazingly, we have not increased the pricing of our solutions since the year 2000!

Sonic Kleen is used at our facilities as the "go-to" solution for the dirty, gritty rolls that have never been cleaned to get the most thourough and complete cleaning available in the marketplace.

If you need a solution with a cleaning "kick," Sonic Kleen is the one to look at. After your rolls are cleaned for the first time, cleaning times should be significantly reduced once you start cleaning rolls on the "cleaning cycle" listed in our FAQs section.

Sonic Kleen solution is available in 6-gallon jerricans or 30-gallon drums.

If you have any other questions about our Sonic Kleen, please call us Toll Free at 877-654-7800.

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