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Solution Questions

How long will the solution last? How do I know when to change the cleaning solution?
Depending upon how dirty the rolls are, SONIC KLEEN will last anywhere between 30 to 50 cleanings. As the solution becomes spent, the cleaning times will increase. Clean solution will clean the rolls quicker, spent solution will take longer to clean the rolls.

Can I dilute the SONIC KLEEN?
Sonic Kleen can be further diluted. The impact of this will have a corresponding decrease in the life of the solution. If you dilute the solution 2 to 1, the solution may only last 15 to 20 cleanings per batch. If you dilute the solution to 4 to 1, SONIC KLEEN may only last 7 to 10 cleanings per batch. Since there is no real benefit to diluting the cleane, we recommend that you use the solution at full strength to eliminate the unnecessary handling of the cleaner.

How do I neutralize or dispose of my solution?
There are specific instructions available for the neutralization of Sonic Kleen or Eco Kleen involving the addition of Citric Acid (which is also available from Sonic Solutions). When neutralized, the solution will be reduced to a pH neutral of 7. Many times, solutions at this level are easier to dispose of. We recommend that you contact your local waste--treatment authority for proper disposal requirements.

I've noticed that my solution will evaporate over time. What should I do?
Due to the application of heat and the natural characteristics of evaporation, the water contained in the solution will evaporate over time. If more solution is added to the tank, the solution over time will have a tendency to solidify. As such, only add water to the solution to bring the cleaner back to the previous levels.

Do you have any environmentally friendly cleaning solutions?
We also provide a solution called "ECO-KLEEN." It has a lower PH level, no V.O.C.s, a mild citric scent, and lower shipping costs due to its non-hazmat nature. We highly reccommend ECO-KLEEN for printers using U.V. inks.

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