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Sonic Solutions Announces Shipment of a PX-721 Wide-Web Cleaning System to Phoenix

June 1, 2016 - Sonic Solutions, LLC, a world leader in ultrasonic cleaning systems for anilox rolls and sleeves, announced the shipment of their PX-721 Wide-Web Cleaning System to a customer in Phoenix this week.

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This PX-721 is a 72-inch system that was made specifically to clean the anilox sleeves for a 68-inch Schiavi press. Not only is this one of the best ultrasonic cleaning systems in the marketplace (yes hospitals and NASA use ultrasonics to make things perfectly clean), but also at under $35,000 it’s less than half the cost of other wash systems out there.

Equipment Specifications:

    • Cleans up to 70" (1,800mm) anilox sleeves
    • Cleans 1 anilox sleeve at a time
    • Holds 18 Gallons (68 l) solution
    • 120 volt, 60 Hz electrical equipment (240 volt also available)
    • 14 Gauge, 72" (1,830mm) long stainless steel tank
    • Thermostat fixed heating with low liquid protection shut off
    • Tank includes stainless steel cover and ball valve drain
    • Two external ultrasonic generators with 30-minute timer
    • Delivering 1,500 watts of power at 68 KHz
    • Frequency Sweep Technology
    • Removable Stainless single motor rotating unit with special grip belt drive
    • Stainless steel single support slide bar system - infinitely adjustable

Contact Joe Walczak, President of Sonic Solutions, if you would like a PX-721 for your operations. Joe can be reached at 877-654-7800 or email him at

About Sonic Solutions, LLC

Sonic Solutions provides Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems for Anilox Rolls and Sleeves for the wide-web, mid-web, and narrow-web Flexographic Markets, and their Cleaning Systems are now found throughout the world. They are committed to helping your company become more profitable, efficient, consistent, and productive. For more information about Sonic Solutions, visit or call 708.478.8777.

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For more information about Sonic Solutions’ products, visit or call 708.478.8777.

Source: Sonic Solutions


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